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The Federal Office for Magical Creatures and the Bundeslurch Verlag wish you peaceful holidays

BONN (FOMC) – The St Nicholas-Market is over and the stand of the Federal Office for Magical Creatures with its offers of fantastical literature from the Himmelsstürmer Verlag, the Main Verlag, the Fireangels Verlag, the Geistmühle Verlag and the Verlag Donata Kinzelbach as well as bee wax candles, Bioland honey from the Bioland bee-keeper Josef Dühnen and hot mead has been dismantled and is stowed away safely at the depot of the towing service Zurstrassen. As we have done in the last 18 years, in which we have taken part at the Christmas markets in the region.

St Nicholas-Market Bad Godesberg 2017 with the Federal Office for Magical Creatures
St Nicholas-Market Bad Godesberg 2017 with the Federal Office for Magical Creatures

FOMC and publisher sincerely thank all visitors and customers

We, Frank Lotz und Hagen Ulrich, as the operators of the FOMC project thank all customers, fans and friends of the most fantastic of all Offices sincerely. We hope that you will remain well disposed towards us and will continue to work together with us on this weird idea of an administration for our “magical citizens”. We wish you, together with your family or partner, peaceful holidays und would be happy to welcome you on occasion in our Office and at our countless events next year.

At the Office chaos always reigns after such an event. Boxes with decorative material, with bee wax candles and honey, with the box of the different publishers and other things, which have to get sorted to be available at the web shop again, stand around.

On Christmas Eve we allow ourselves to enjoy relaxation, far away from Christmas music and Christmas trees we enjoy silence. For weeks, in which you are under high pressure without a free day, are over – and to tell the truth – we cannot bear to hear any more Christmas music.

Christmas stroll to post-heat at the Federal Office for Magical Creatures?

At the St Nicholas-Market in Bad Godesberg, where the FOMC has taken part again for the first time since 2000,  exists the nice tradition of post-heating. Around the stand with the mulled wine of Schrauth students of the Godesberger grammar schools and secondary modern schools gather together at the evening. They enjoy the evening before Christmas Eve with their friends and in a lively atmosphere. This year the visitors found the two official cars of the Federal Office for Magical Creatures and had fun with us.

Actual this post-heating is a great idea. We have to put back everything where it belongs and whoever wants to visit us during the two holidays, you are welcome. We open our doors for you at 1 o’clock pm. If you feel like having a hot mead and plan to have a postprandial walk after a rich Christmas meal, which leads you through Graurheindorf, you are welcome.

Forecast to 2018 with the Federal Office for Magical Creatures

Christmassy decorated Federal Office for Magical Creatures
Christmassy decorated Federal Office for Magical Creatures

After the Bonner market office has given us notice this summer that our offers are not attractive enough – which took them 16 years to notice and we had to force customers to buy things with a weapon in hand – as you know if you are a long-term customer – we are thinking about how to move on. We were able to see how “unattractive” our offers really are at the St Nicholas-Market in Bad Godesberg, when numerous visitors told us that they had missed us in Bonn. A known press photographer bent her ears when she heard some of these proclamations from our visitors.

We certainly want to thank the association Bad Godesberg Stadtmarketing, which accepted our stand after the disaster at the Christmas Avenue, for their friendly support. The St Nicholas-Market of Bad Godesberg has developed well. We will stay a part and will support it in the social media with a Website to help visitors to find the way to Bad Godesberg.

We are also thinking about to open the Office at the advent weekends in 2018. Master Eder, our friendly electrician of the company Elektro Hönighausen, was on-site this summer and together with his colleague want to test how many LEDs fit on the façades of the Federal Office for Magical Creatures. Will it be 12.000, 20.000 or 100.000 lamps? We want to follow the example of the Lighting concept of Stenkelfeld. 2016 we already had our first trial and want to repeat it in 2018.

Until then we will meet our fans very often. Be it at CSDs, different book fairs or our open garden door days, the FeenCon or other conventions or in our social media channels, we are looking forward to hearing your opinions and ideas.


Or just come to


Post-heating at the Federal Office for Magical Creatures
25th and 26th December and New Year’s Day starting at 1pm
Estermannstraße 139
53117 Bonn



Wahrlich, Dein Amt sagt Dir, künde vom Wirken des Bundeslurchs allenthalben und allüberall:

Über Hagen Ulrich

Hagen Ulrich, Jahrgang 1967, lebt mit Ehemann und sieben Katzen in Bonn am Rhein. Hexen, Drachen, Vampire und andere magische Wesen sind kein Problem, wenn man sie ordentlich verwaltet. Schließlich hat in Deutschland alles seine Ordnung. Basierend auf dieser Idee, entwickelte er die Idee einer Behörde, die sich um die Belange magischer Mitbürger kümmert. So entstand das Bundesamt für magische Wesen. Hagen Ulrich kam nach dem Besuch einer Ladys Night zu Twilight zum Schreiben und veröffentlicht seine Romane im Himmelstürmer Verlag in Hamburg.

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