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About a retired colonel and his probable homosexual grandson

Das Bundesamt für magische Wesen in Bonn

BONN (FOMC) – Yesterday was one of these memorable days, which sometimes bring great surprises. It was Saturday, outside the weather was nice and a hint of early spring lied in the air. I was in the act of cutting my roses after the opening hours of our Federal Office had been over.

Which doesn’t stop anyone from being curious. The gate was open and a late visitor walked in. An elderly gentleman, a bolt upright appearance, snow-white hair, angular facial features.

‘Excuse me, please. I hope I am not interrupting you. Might I ask you something?”,  he asked friendly and he entered after I had nodded and invited him to come in. I anticipated someone who wanted to know something about the Federal Office for Magical Creatures and I hadn’t even finished the thought, when he asked what the Federal Office of Magical Creatures was.

The fragrant Falstaff from David Austin will hopefully bloom soon at the Federal Office for Magical Creatures
The fragrant Falstaff from David Austin will hopefully bloom soon at the Federal Office for Magical Creatures

I explained it to him, because those who ask friendly are welcome and always get a polite answer. After that I told him something about the development history of our fantasy portal, I showed him the bureau, which had been the former post office of our district, and our small shop with fan articles, books and bee-keeping products.

In the meantime it emerged that he had worked in the Ministry of Defence for a long time and that he had been superannuated as a colonel. By now he was widowed. He had also worked in embassies abroad and he knew the name of our President Dräcker as an invention of the Foreign Ministry. It was a pleasant conversation and he was amused and laughed.

So far so good, an experience we often have.

Then we started talking about our façade project and I explained to him how angry I had been after the attack on the cheerful partying party-goers by an Islamic attacker, and the killing of the young Brazilian Itaberli Lozano by his mother, or the hatred, which LGBTI-people still had to endure from right wing and religious circles. I showed him the first drafts by SlippedDee, explained to him that we had started a crowd-funding and how that worked.

He became serious, listened attentively and sometimes asked, when something was unclear to him. His interposed questions revealed that we were on the same wavelength concerning some political ‘Alternatives’.

He then told me something about himself. He said that had had and still had his difficulties with the homosexual scene and its presence (keyword CSD). It just wasn’t his world. Which did not mean that he is against it. It just wasn’t his world.

‘The book is for my grandson. So that he sees that his grandpa will support him. The rest is for your wall. Do it and as soon as you have finished it, I will show it to him.’

But he had had a young grandson and he suspected him to be homosexual. His grandson had had talked about such things  on visits and so far he hadn’t had a girlfriend, even though – his words – he was a cool pike. Sporty, a good footballer, friendly and a good student. From time to time he had given him some extra pocket money, just what grandpas would do.

Then he told me that his grandson had been really sad, when the attack had happened in Orlando. He had been stunned and had asked him why people would do such a thing. They had had talked about it and he had seen, how much he had cared, just as if he had been targeted.

He then stepped to my bookshelf, took one of my books and gave me 200€.

Cosmin and Sebastian - Illustration by mandelbrot
Cosmin and Sebastian – Illustration by mandelbrot

‘The book is for my grandson. So that he sees that his grandpa will support him. The rest is for your wall. Do it and as soon as you have finished it, I will show it to him.’

I thanked him, signed the book and gave him some A3-prints of illustrations by Mandelbrot  for the boy and got the approval of my visitor to write about this visit.

Why can not all Saturdays be like that? 🙂











Wahrlich, Dein Amt sagt Dir, künde vom Wirken des Bundeslurchs allenthalben und allüberall:

Über Hagen Ulrich

Hagen Ulrich, Jahrgang 1967, lebt mit Ehemann und sieben Katzen in Bonn am Rhein. Hexen, Drachen, Vampire und andere magische Wesen sind kein Problem, wenn man sie ordentlich verwaltet. Schließlich hat in Deutschland alles seine Ordnung. Basierend auf dieser Idee, entwickelte er die Idee einer Behörde, die sich um die Belange magischer Mitbürger kümmert. So entstand das Bundesamt für magische Wesen. Hagen Ulrich kam nach dem Besuch einer Ladys Night zu Twilight zum Schreiben und veröffentlicht seine Romane im Himmelstürmer Verlag in Hamburg.

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