Cups with the Federal Amphibian

What keeps us going in our daily life in an office and at authorities?
Coffee and tea – without one you won’t get very far.
Our cups with the Federal Amphibian will surely be the topic of conversation at your workplace. And of course they will be a great present for subordinates and peers.

The Federal Amphibian, the heraldic animal of the Federal Office for Magical Creatures, is the symbol of the magical wildlife conservation program of the FOMC for the repopulation of magical non-invasive species in dry bureaucratic environments. Lurchi is easy to keep and he just wants a regular application with stimulating hot beverages.

Red tape and the Federal Amphibian both settle in dry bureaucratic habitats and sprad cheerfulness and fantastical nonsense. Join in!

Here you can find cups with the fantastic regulations by Edmund F. Dräcker, President of the Federal Office for Magical Creatures. The Prussian long-time top diplomat takes a brief and concise stand on pressing questions of our time with presidential decrees.

Be it the legal right on a non-religiously impregnated baby minder for the kids of gay vampires, the tax deductibility of feed and castration costs for werewolves or the culling of angels, which are infected with H5N8, the FOMC regulates the most important questions and publishes them on cups.

Here you can also find bags and folders with the Federal Amphibian. Where does it say, that work live in offices and administration has to be boring?

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