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Angela Merkel’s secret agenda: The planning of the fourth partition of Poland – Poland is lost!

BONN (FOMC) – Polish media recently reported that Germany is under the control of mafias (probably the clans VW, Audi, and BMW) and that the country is on the point of meltdown due to the wave of refugees.

The PiS-lead government under prime minister Szydlo, always obligated to democracy, has just learned, what is really going to happen to Poland and has given access to secret plans of Angela Merkel and Erika Steinbach to the research network of  Radio Maryja, Gość Niedzielny und Niedziela. Under the working title “The Fourth Reich – fourth partition of Poland” we can see well-advanced plans about Poland’s future.

Secret meeting between Angela Merkel, Wladimir Putin and Stanislas Tillich

It is also said that Angela Merkel secretly met Wladimier Putin and Saxony’s former premier Stanislas Tillich to discuss the fourth partition of Poland. According to initial information the eastern part of Poland together with the Ukraine would fall under Russian rule, in return Germany would either bring the former German eastern territories home or they would get the status of associated territories, just like Guam and Puerto Rico are in relation to the USA

The fourth partition of Poland: Erika Steinbach is going to be Premier of East-Saxony

Future Poland after the fourth partition. (Quelle: PiS)
Future Poland after the fourth partition.

It is said that Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel has already planned how to rule the former part of the Republic of Poland. The voivodships will be retained as far as possible, they will, however, be distributed between devoted fellow party members of the CDU and the CSU after the fourth partition of Poland.

Lower Silesia, Opole and Silesia will become the 17th Federal State Ost-Saxony and Erika Steinbach is supposed to be the Premier. She has, as Praeses Jaroslaw Kaczyński assured, signalled to return to the CDU if all is happening as planned.

Subcarpathia, Lublin, Podlachia as well as Masovia and Warmia will become a part of Russia.  So far they could not agree on the voivoidships Swietorzyskie and Lesser Poland, especially the status of Krakow is still unsettled. Krakow, home of the so called John Paul the Great, as Wladimir Putin noted, has to change culturally. According to unconfirmed rumours Krakow and Czestochowa have been offered to the Vatican as colonies, but Pope Francis declined by saying, that Krakow is too catholic.

The fourth partition of Poland: More abortion clinics for unmarried mothers and meeting points for homosexuals in Poland

“There has been practised”, said Dräcker (128), „a considerable personality cult, not to say idolatry, around John Paul II. This is going to end and all buildings that have been entrusted to this person or his cult are going to be transferred to the trusteeship of free societies. That is why there will be more abortion and drug withdrawal clinics. In Czestochowa the UNESCO will build an education centre for victimized catholic teenagers. Until 2030 the UNESCO wants to homosexualize 50% of all teenagers as Cardinal Antonelli has found out. We can only confirm that.“

Edmund F. Dräcker, in his capacity as a former top diplomat of the Foreign Office knows that EU Council President Donald Tusk is expected to be the new president of the remaining parts of Poland, namely West Pomerania, Pomerania, Kujawy, Lodzkie, Greater Poland and Lebus.

The fourth partition of Poland: The remaining parts of Poland (Greater Poland) under the rule of Donald Tusk and Eloy de Jong

Donald Tusk, von Mateusz Włodarczyk -
Donald Tusk, von Mateusz Włodarczyk –

Donald Tusk has, according to President Dräcker, agreed to allow same-sex marriage without further thoughts after he was granted to be the president of the remaining parts of Poland for life and to fry, tar and feather Jaroslaw Kaczyński and Beata Szydlo. All schools, universities, car parks, animal cemeteries, cemeteries, streets, places, sewage treatment plants, public toilets and all other buildings which are named after John Paul II are supposed to bear the name of Tusks favourite band “Caught in the Act“. Tusk has also asked Angela Merkel to appoint Eloy de Jong as the future Minister of Culture.

It is said, that Federal Chancellor, who, because of a domestic crisis, is faced with a revolution and wants to use this foreign coup to distract from her problems, already has got a date in mind. 1st September is supposed to be the starting day.



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